Bridging the gap between academy and industry

PolytechnicBThe Bucharest Innovation Centre (BIC) was founded by IQS Global in London with the cooperation with the Polytechnic University of Bucharest. Its objective is to bridge the gaps between academy and industry and interconnect researchers and students with the industry and venture community to create successful products in a win-win situation..

The starting pointing point of BIC is the Polytechnic Univesity of Bucharest with its expertise in environment related studies and the European environment-oriented industry, in particular the recycling industry. the BIC plans to expand its activities into other technical universities and other industries.

Currently BIC is involved in 25 innovative systems and processes in the field of recycling.

Major Functions

  • Identifying innovative ideas of researchers and graduate students (M.Sc. and Ph.D.) with a potential to become successful products and processes.
  • Provide business-oriented mentorship to researchers and students.
  • Provide R&D and rapid prototyping facilities.
  • Presenting ideas of commercial potential to the relevant industries.
  • Creating networking with industry.
  • Combining the marketing expertise of IQS with promising ideas enabling "fast tracking" from idea to cash

Ideas to cash

The BIC Process:

  • MeetingIDEA
    Ideas from students, businesses, academia and others are submitted and taken through a process to define and refine the idea to make it understandable at all levels of expert to layman.
    Understanding the potential of the product, process or service service and analyzing market for it.
    Taking the idea through to prototype and business concept.
    Production and business planning.
    Converting plans into ACTION

The process is monitored by IQS marketing experts and an effort is made to involve the relevant industry  from early stages.


Typical Incubated Project

Innovative reactor based on microwave applications for waste recycling and special heating applications

Typical 1MLaboratory


Typical 2S