Speak International Business

Test 4 14IQSchool has been established by IQS Global for students over the globe to develop their business skills and learn the language of international business.

Many young people command good English often learned  through music, television and social media. The “global village” provides an abundance of technologies and ways for effective communication. Howver, most young people lack the business language skills that can enable them to integrate into the global business world.

IQSchool bridges the gap by teaching what to communicate and how to communicate it. The acquired skills have great impact on students` academic, vocational and social achievements.


To successfully achieve its objectives IQSchool brings together the relevant parties:

  • Businesses that provide practical and financial sponsorship
  • Academic institutions that provide accreditation, locations and staff
  • Students that provide their commitment, energy and enthusiasm
  • IQSchool that provides the programme and operational expertise



IQSchool program consists of guided business conversations between students from different countries. The conversations maybe through direct or virtual meetings based on web-based interactive facilities and are guided by professional and experienced business lecturers and moderators.

The programme is highly structured, yet allows freedom for students to express themselves and achieve their own individual and team-working highest levels of performance.

Students working in groups of five students from a school/university receive assignments based on business case studies. The results are presented and discussed in a series of sessions in which two groups from different countries participate. Thes sessions may consist of direct meetings of the participants or web conferences, each guided by an IQSchool professional lecturer/moderator. Students work in groups of five from each school/university. The partnering groups are changed from time to time to enable diversification. Teachers are welcome but their attendance in the sessions is not a requirement of the programme.

A typical session schedule:

  • Duration : one hour
  • Frequency: 2 per week
  • Lecturer/moderator: native English speaking business professional


The IQSchool Programme enriches students with valuables assets:

  • Good command of business English
  • Self confidence to converse in English that is derived from experience
  • Communication and business skills that improve the ability to integrate in the business world: look for a job, start a new business etc
  • Extended contacts with potential career opportunities
  • Social opportunities



Shimon Kashti with Young Leaders students in the UK House of Lords.

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