Chicken Manure - Composting System

Chicken manure is a superior organic fertilizer with a content of nitrogen phosphorus potassium (NPK) reaches 3%. To be used as a ferilizer chicken manure has to be thoroughly decomposed by decomposition agent that inactivates and deodorizizes parasites, eggs and infectious bacteria.

Fertilizer granules

Granules 1M

Granules 2M

Granules 3MGranules 4M


 Comparison vs Napier Grass

CM vs Napier












Typical specifications of the plant

  • Total capacity of the plant - about 12,000 tons.
  • Closed system for chicken manure composting in 5 - 6 weeks.
  • Total capacity per cycle – 700 cubic meter (including dead chicken meal and farm waste water).
  • Electricity required – 100amps.
  • Building; concrete floor of 660sqm (110mX6m), thickness 20cm; concrete wall – height 3 meters, thickness 30cm, the walls above up the ceiling and the ceiling made of isolated panels;two wide doors in front of the building to be opened outside.
  • Automatic system for compost mixing.
  • Nine pipes 4” size with air holes each 50cm to blow fresh air into the compost installed below the floor surface along the building.
  • Sucking air unit installed at the upper part of the building (transferring the smelly air to the outside scrubber).
  • Air cleaning scrubber.

Production system

A fertilizer production system consists of the following equipment units:Henhouse

  • fermentation
  • drying
  • deodorization
  • dust removal
  • crushing
  • mixing
  • ranulation
  • screening packaging

Production of chicken manure fertlizers consists of the following steps:

  • Selection of raw material.
  • Fermentation and sterilization.
  • Batching and mixing.
  • Granulation and drying.
  • Cooling and screening.
  • Measuring and packaging.
  • Storing finished product.

Process Characteristics

  • Efficient composite bacteria and its propagation technique.
  • Advanced raw material blending technology and biological fermentation system.
  • Superior fertilizer formula ( flexible design of formula according to the characteristics of local soil and crops).
  • Good secondary pollution (exhaust gas and odours) controlling technology.
  • Complete set of processing equipment and manufacturing technology.

Central production line

CM Line 1T

CM Line 2M