Flow Chart 600Used Tires Recycling - Pyrolisis System

The Pyrolysis system is an advanced plant for recycling and transforming used tires into new finished products: recycled carbon black, oil and steel wire.

The recycling and processing capacity of the plant is 36 tons of used tires per day.

The production process includes the following main operations:

  • Guillotine - tires cutting
  • Pyrolysis reactor heating at 380 - 400 degrees Celsius
  • Through the pyrolysis process the tires will decompose to gas, carbon black and steel wire
  • Scrubbers – gas purification
  • Gas condensing to oil (part of the gas diverted to our burners)
  • Oil distillation unit – oil filtering
  • Steel wires collection
  • Carbon Black Deep Processing

Project Scope and Capacity

Raw material - end-of-life tires (raw material)

Recycling capacity: 800 tons/month and 9,600 tons/year  (more than 500,000 of used tires).

Final Products:

Final Products

Pyrolysis System Layout



LayOut M

The Distillation Unit

Distillation M

One of our projects in Romania under construction