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IQS GLOBAL and IQS Innovations in co-operation with the ECONOMIC PEACE CENTER are proud to invite you to participate in a unique initiative event

The Economic Peace Conference

Bucharest Polytechnic University

7th - 9th September 2020


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Our Vision is a world of economic peace and co-operation Our Goal is to enable businesses to achieve success through international co-operation


The Conference will focus on innovative new products, technologies and applications:

  • Information Technology
  • Security
  • Communication
  • Medical Devices and Medicine
  • Recycling and Alternative Energy
  • Agriculture and Water
  • Animal Feed
  • Scientific Laboratories
  • Medical Laboratories
  • Robotics
  • Packaging


  • Delegate Businesses will comprise a unique combination of up-to 100 companies from Israel, the Middle East, UK and worldwide
  • Speakers will include Commercial Leaders, NGO Spokespersons, Government Representatives, Researchers, Product and Application Developers



  • Products and Application will be displayed throughout the Conference
  • Information Support posters and brochures will be available ongoing
  • Delegates will contribute samples to view and examine
  • Manufacturers and Service Providers will be available to answer questions


  •  Inspirational & Informative Speakers will provide unique insights into how delegate businesses may take advantage of the opportunities afforded by Economic Peace
  • Delegates are invited to ask questions and clarify specific points of interest
  • The Conference will facilitate open discussions on the technologies and innovations of the delegate businesses


  • The Spotlight will focus on innovative new materials, products and applications that are under development and are close to commercialisation
  • Spotlight Speakers will take 10–15 minutes to describe the unique features of their designs and how they will contribute to market growth

The Conference provides Delegates with unique Matchmaking opportunities through participation in working group discussions and networking to meet with potential partners for technological and commercial cooperation


  • Dinners, Morning Coffee, Breaks & Lunches are all part of the Conference
  • The Gala Dinner offers a Pre-Conference evening opportunity to meet with the Key Speakers, Government Officials and Delegates in informal surroundings



Registration Fee - €700 per Delegate includes:

  •  3 Nights Hotel (with breakfast)
  • Dinners, Lunches & Coffee Breaks

To confirm your Registration and your Spotlight:
E-mail cristina@iqs.global Phone +40 748072 400